Urban food security through Kitchen/Micro gardening

Lahore is rapidly urbanizing, with around 1088 people moving into Lahore every day. This accelerated urbanization is profoundly impacting our city – in economic, social and environmental dimensions – which therefore necessitates re-examination of the ways in which Lahore is provisioned with food. One of the main challenges is to meet the food and nutrition requirements of the expanding urban low income population.  The urban poor are spending up to 70 percent of their income on food, making this a key aspect of daily urban life. Furthermore, good nutrition is linked with a healthier, smarter and more productive population. In order to build a better city, city leaders must also recognize the importance of building sustainable access to nutritious foods for all.

The City Without Hunger aims to combat malnutrition of low income households and bringing environmental and social benefits to the geographical community through an integrated approach.

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