Alif Laila Book Bus Society: Fostering Literacy Through Publications

The Alif Laila Book Bus Society is much more than a children’s library; it’s a creative force in children’s publishing. With a dedicated publishing house, it champions local literary talent, creating rich and culturally resonant Urdu and bilingual content that celebrates Pakistan’s linguistic diversity. The Society’s impressive catalogue features over 40+ meticulously crafted titles, each brimming with engaging narratives and visually appealing designs, made possible by their skilled in-house team. Through fostering literacy and a profound appreciation for reading, Alif Laila’s publications are a testament to their commitment to educational and cultural growth.

Hoopoe Books is a global initiative that produces and distributes teaching stories as part of an ongoing commitment to social and emotional learning in the world’s children. We print locally to supply beautifully illustrated storybooks, in all major languages, to children and their families. Alif Laila Book Bus Society is the distributor of Hoppe Books in Pakistan to encourage literacy skills in children.

Our Publications