Childrens' Libraries

Mobile Libraries on Wheels (and Hooves!)

Journeying across Pakistan’s diverse landscapes, Alif Laila Book Bus Society’s mobile libraries bring stories and dreams to life. From the backs of camels in remote deserts to the backstreets on bikes, these roaming havens of literature ensure every child can experience the joy of reading, regardless of location.


Embark on a voyage through tales and fables with our traveling library’s storytellers. This interactive experience captivates young audiences, nurturing their imagination and encouraging a lifelong relationship with books.

Rickshaw Library

Navigating the nooks and crannies of bustling neighborhoods, our rickshaw library is a novel approach to making books accessible to all, driving literacy and enthusiasm for reading in the most unexpected places.

Book Bike

Pedalling through streets and alleys, the bookbike is our eco-friendly answer to spreading literacy. This nimble library-on-wheels ensures that no reader is ever beyond the reach of a good book.

Camel Library

In the most remote corners of the country, where the road ends, our camel library begins its journey. These gentle giants carry stories over dunes and mountains, making the written word accessible to the farthest communities.

Boat Library

Riding along the gentle waves, our boat library serves riverside and coastal communities, anchoring a love of reading in the hearts of those who dwell by the water.

Yak Library

Scaling the heights where roads fear to tread, our yak library ascends the mountainous regions. It’s a testament to our belief that not even the steepest climb should stand between a child and their next favorite book.

Techno Sawari

A digital library that offers e-books, audiobooks, and other digital resources accessible through computers or mobile devices. The techno library provides convenient access to a wide range of reading materials, especially for tech-savvy users.

Brick and Mortar Libraries

Book Bus

A beacon of literacy, our pioneer library – a converted double-decker – now caters to budding young readers, anchoring a safe space for exploration and learning in Lahore’s green parks.

Reference Library

Our circular haven houses a collection exceeding 20,000 books for children aged 5 to 15. Positioned in front of the Book Bus, this library stands as a monument to inquisitive young minds.

Hamara Kutubkhana (Our Library) - Sindh

Alif Laila’s network of 14 physical libraries across Jamshoro and Sukkur echoes with tales and knowledge. Born from renovation and resilience, these spaces shine with solar-powered light, inviting children to the world of words.

IBBY Box Libraries

Nestled in community homes, our IBBY Box Libraries hold 100 books each, forming over 700 pockets of literary treasure scattered throughout Pakistan, fostering communities where stories are shared and cherished.