Bamboo School


Project Description:

The Bamboo School, a hallmark of sustainable education, stands in Dera Allah Yar, District Jaffarabad, Balochistan, as a symbol of resilience and hope. It is a project conceived by the collaborative efforts of Waterbridge Outreach, GlobalGiving, and Alif Laila Book Bus Society, aiming to provide a flood-resistant, eco-friendly educational environment to an area that previously lacked schooling facilities. This report encapsulates the journey from its conception to its current standing as an educational haven for 90 children. Before the Bamboo School’s establishment, the children of Dera Allah Yar had no access to formal school and attended a tent school set up by Alif Laila for two years. Recognizing the critical need for a permanent educational structure, especially in a flood-prone region, the idea for a durable, flood-resistant school was born. The design incorporated bamboo as the core construction material, known for its sustainability and strength against natural disasters and inspiration was derived from Yasmin Lari’s Bamboo Huts in Pakistan and Green Schools Bali, Indonesia.

Curriculum and pedagogy:

The Bamboo School currently serves 90

registered children, ages 3 to 12,
through a curriculum that emphasizes
‘learning through play’ and early
literacy skills, essential for school
readiness. The approach supports
multi-grade learning, allowing children
to engage at different levels based on
their abilities. A comprehensive teacher
training program has been conducted
to equip educators with innovative
teaching methodologies reflective of
the school’s philosophy.

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