Boat Library


Boat Library and School

The Boat Library and School in Punjab, established by the Alif Laila Book Bus Society, is a truly innovative and inspiring project. This floating library and community school is a remarkable initiative that travels through the waterways to serve children in various Bastis (villages or communities) in the region.

Concept and Purpose:
– Mobile Education and Literacy: The core idea is to bring education and literacy to children who might not have easy access to schools or libraries. By navigating the waterways, this boat library reaches communities located on different shores, making education more accessible and inclusive.
– Early Literacy Enhancement: A significant focus of the project is on enhancing early literacy skills among children. This is particularly crucial in areas where educational resources are scarce or non-existent.

– Traveling Between Bastis: The boat is designed to travel from one Basti shore to another. At each stop, children are invited aboard to explore the world of books and learning.
– Adaptive Learning Environment: The boat provides a dynamic and engaging learning environment, equipped with books and educational materials suitable for various age groups.
– Interactive Learning Sessions: In addition to reading, the boat often hosts interactive learning sessions, storytelling, and educational activities that make learning a fun and engaging experience.

Impact on Children:
– Enthusiastic Response: Children from the Bastis have expressed immense joy and excitement about this novel concept of a floating library and school. Comments from the children, like those mentioned from Basti Yar Muhammad, Basti Qadir Baksh, and Basti Wahid Baksh, reflect their newfound enthusiasm for learning and reading.
– Cultural and Educational Enrichment: The project not only supports literacy but also enriches the cultural and social lives of these children, providing them with new perspectives and a broadening of their horizons.

Community Involvement:
– Beneficiary Numbers: The project supports a total of 107 beneficiaries so far, including 42 girls and 65 boys, indicating a significant impact in these communities in the first two weeks, more children are engaging in each visit.
– Local Support and Participation: The success of the Boat Library and School also hinges on local community involvement and support, ensuring that the program is tailored to the specific needs and interests of the children it serves.

– Implementing Partner: Rukhsana Mubarik from IPDP, located in Rajan Pur and Rahim Yar Khan is the implementing partner of this program.

Children’s Comments on the Boat Library and School:
– “It’s like a magical journey every time we step onto the boat. Each book feels like a new adventure!” – [A girl from Basti Yar Muhammad]
– “I never knew a school could float! It’s so much fun learning here. The water around makes every story more interesting.” – [A boy from Basti Qadir Baksh]
– “The boat library is the best part of my day. I love how we can read and see the river at the same time.” – [A girl from Basti Wahid Baksh]