June 2024


Rickshaw Mobile Library

Alif Laila Rickshaw Library: Bringing Books to Life
Welcome to the Alif Laila Rickshaw Library, a mobile library visiting children in schools and communities across Lahore. We provide books, puzzles, and games to help children build bridges with different cultures, laugh, and develop their critical and creative skills. Our mission is to bring books to children who would otherwise have none, fostering imagination, empathy, and a love for reading.
Impact and Success Stories:
• Growth in Reading Skills: Significant improvements in reading levels for children aged seven and above.
• Enhanced Social Skills: Increased social and communication skills, with children eagerly discussing stories and sharing ideas.
• Empowerment for Girls: Providing learning opportunities to girls who cannot venture far from home.
Resilience during COVID-19: During the pandemic, we continued distributing books and initiated handwashing awareness campaigns, ensuring children stayed engaged and safe.
Spreading the Legacy: Inspired by our efforts, similar Rickshaw Libraries have been launched in Karachi, Peshawar, and by Idara Taleem o Agahi.
1. Bunyaad started a rickshaw library in Karachi.
2. Idara Taleem o Agahi started their own rickshaw library.
3. Kitab Dost initiated a rickshaw library in Peshawar, KP.

Join us in our mission to bring joy and learning to children across Pakistan. Together, we can make a difference.